Deploying Azure Data Factory, Azure Data bricks, Azure Data Lake storage & MySql DB using Terraform

Kunal Das
1 min readOct 12, 2022

Here I am going to share some terraform code to deploy ADF, ADLS, ADB, and several other necessary resources,

Let’s start with a resource group where we will store all the resources required

Resource group:

points to note that we will fetch the RG name and RG location in the next resource declaration.

Azure Data Factory:

Azure Data Brick:

Virtual network:

Network Security group for ADB:

Public subnet for Databricks:

Private subnet for Databricks:

Network security group for Public subnet:

Network security group for Privatesubnet:

Now as all the associated network configuration done let’s move to the DATA LAKE STORAGE account creation

Data Lake storage account:

Storage account container:

Now, let us create SQL related resources

Storage Admin password:

SQL server :

SQL Database:

This is a complete part by part snippets to create a running ADB ADF system, feel free to reach me in case any clarification required!



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